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Glamorous nail design ideas for the best of you


Glamorous nail design ideas that you can use to show your nails with confidence, #show #design #glamour #idees …

Wedding Bouquet: It’s Importance To Your Wedding Day

Wedding Bouquet: It’s Importance to Your Wedding Day

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When a man and a woman are to get married the woman usually wears a long white dress and has her hair all done up fancy with a tiara and vale in it, and then there is the wedding bouquet, she usually holds a small bunch of flowers which match her wedding theme, if she is wearing a white dress soft colours often accentuate her not the flowers but some stunning bouquets have been the most vivid of colours and are meant to attract the attention of the guests.

The wedding bouquet is usually designed and prepared by the florist although you do have some input on the design and colours. Many women choose lilies and roses as the main flowers in their bouquet. But I think that a little bit of greenery would go a long, long way when it comes to the bouquet. It just adds that extra “bit” to them. The flowers are arranged to make the bouquet small enough to be held in both hands and looks as if it is a bubble over the bride’s hands.

During the ceremony the bouquet is passed over the maid of honour to hold and is then given back to the bride once the ceremony is over. After the entire ceremony the bride and groom race out of the church, down the aisle and out the door, once they are outside all the women gang up together and basically fight for the bouquet which is thrown by the bride, legend says that if you are the woman who catches the bouquet of the bride you are next to be married! So as you can tell it’s definitely a touch competition to get that bouquet with so many other women after it!

There are hundreds of flowers plastered all over the church and the reception hall but the bouquet held by the bride is always deemed the prettiest and most important, I have never yet seen a bride walk down the aisle without a bouquet of flowers that haven’t been far short of perfect. The flowers just add to the innocence of the bride before she makes that long jump to commitment and the flowers should be given respect!

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